Our modern private ENT practice

Our private ENT practice for privately insured and self-paying patients represents for the highest quality of treatment and individual care. We are proud to offer our patients modern examination facilities and a pleasant clinic atmosphere. Our excellent ENT specialist, Dr. Kim, will ensure that you feel comfortable and receive optimal treatment.

ENT doctor practice in Frankfurt city near Goetheplat, Goethestraße, Hauptwache, Börse, Fressgass. ENT Frankfurt.

Private ENT practice Frankfurt - Dr. Kim


Junghofstraße 16
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60311 Frankfurt 

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 0800 to 1800


Phone 069-50 95 86 75 0
Email  [email protected]

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Our vision

Dr. Kim, our otolaryngologist, graduated from the Charité in Berlin, Germany, and our friendly staff work hard to improve the health of our patients at private ENT practice Frankfurt.
In addition to diagnosing and treating common ear, nose, and throat problems, we offer sleep studies, vertigo testing (ENG, vKIT), audiological testing (BERA, OAEs), allergy testing, immunotherapy, and infusion therapy.

ENT doctor practice in Frankfurt city near Goetheplat, Goethestraße, Hauptwache, Börse, Fressgass. ENT Frankfurt.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can only privately insured patients be treated in the practice?

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Since we are a private practice, we can treat patients with German private health insurance (private Krankenversicherung in German) or travel insurance from your country. If you have German statutory health insurance (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung in German), you can also be treated, but you will have to pay for the treatment yourself, as it is not covered by German statutory health insurance. Fees are determined according to the German Medical Fee Schedule (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte).

What is the fee if I am a self-paying patient?

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A standard ENT examination with prescription costs about 160-200 euros for self-payers. If more tests are needed, we will ask you in advance, as the cost will be higher.

I do not speak good English or German. 

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No problem! We have a translation program. We are also very friendly, and patient and we will try our best to understand you.

I am acutely ill. Can I schedule an appointment today?

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We value your time flexibility and offer you the opportunity to make same-day appointments. In the event of an acute emergency, we will strive to treat you as quickly as possible.